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Our LED Light Bars

What do we have? We only uses the best LEDs on the market, Philips and Osram,writing services Smackdown! which far outperform Cree LEDs. All of our LED light bars use 4D optical projectors, this projects the lights forwards in a tight beam pattern, giving you much better range, and putting the light where you want it. We also offer these lights How To Turn best research paper writing service Into Success at a fraction of the competitions price.

What do the competitors have? About 99% of the competition use “reflector cups”, with Cree LEDs to project the light forwards. This is an ancient design that has never worked properly, it doesn’t really project the light at all! The other 1% of our competition have comparable light bars,pay someone to write my paper And Love - How They Are The Same but at insanely high prices.

We strive to bring the best quality and the best prices to Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Story

We initially started Dust Runners Lighting through What Is essay writing services and How Does It Work? our automotive blog, Dust Runners Automotive Journal. As avid off-roaders in Phoenix, we eventually got into the LED market, and noticed that everyone sold low quality, high priced light bars, and we decided to change that. We quickly became known for our low prices, and were are the #1 light bar company in Phoenix, and we still offer dirt cheap prices and incredible products.