About Us

Who is Dust Runners Lighting?  We started as a small automotive blog in Phoenix, called Dust Runners Automotive Journal. Since we come from the off-roading city of Phoenix, Arizona naturally we ended up wanting light bars on our trucks. Thats when we saw that LED light bar retailers had massive mark-ups on all there products, and little to no quality control. We didn’t like how low quality, and expensive light bars were, so we decided to change that.

Since our beginnings in 2014, we have been known for providing high quality lights, at extremely low prices. We love the off-road community, the automotive industry and we’re here to stay!

Why choose LED lights? LED lights offer a much lower power consumption compared to halogen or HID lights, they also have much longer life span, and last but not least they’re ridiculously bright compared to anything else!

Giving you a much better, and safer experience when off-roading, boating, driving, or riding at night!

Why choose Dust Runners Lighting? Dust Runners is proud to announce that we are the upcoming leader in LED Lighting, for all industries; off-road, racing, motorcycle, general automotive, marine, residential, and commercial in Phoenix. All of our products are built to withstand the harshest conditions in the world, ranging from blazing hot deserts, freezing cold snow, and everything in between. Not only are our products designed to survive in these harsh conditions, they thrive in these conditions.